Vitamins and Services We Offer

prescribed-weight-loss-program-fort-lauderdale-fl8O0A0334Wilkesboro Chiropractor Dr Michelle Hall at Brushy Mountain Chiropractic Center  offers Digital Speed Xray.  Your xray results are reviewed with you on the same day.  We offer a variety of healing and helpful physical therapies. We also have Spinal Traction to increase joint flexibility and ligament rehabilitation. We offer Weight Loss Plans as well as Vitamin and Nutritional Counseling for all of your Healthy Living needs.

We have some of the best caring staff in the area.  Their attention and focus is on helping you achieve the best health.  Our staff works well with your Primary Care Physician and other Neurologic and Orthopedic Specialists.

We offer a  Free Consultation, and if Dr. Hall feels she can help you, we can get your started the same day toward improving your Health.

Our office has a supply of Spinal Orthopedic Pillows, Supports, and Braces. We also offer Custom Made Foot Orthotics. FootLevelers

We offer same day appointments and accept emergency calls at 336-667-PAIN [7246].  Our after hours weekend emergency number is 828-758-0210.


We Now Have “VEMMA”! The official vitamin drink of the Charlotte Bobcats and the Phoenix Suns professional teams! Check out the VEMMA website:



We also use “STANDARD PROCESS” for other vitamin needs and our Purification Program! Check out the Standard Process website below: